CHS Choirs Combine for a Sucessful Fall Concert

On Monday, the 16th, Cedar High’s most talented singers performed for students, teachers, and supporting family members alike. Directed by Mark Ganowsky, the CHS Choir Fall Concert was simply awe inspiring. The chilling vocals of the young students made the whole experience a wonder. At CHS, there are four choirs called lyricals, kantori, a cappella, and madrigals.

The concert began with the national anthem, sung by the combined efforts of the madrigal and kantori choirs. Then the lyricals began with “Johny Said No” by Vijay Singh, a  haunting song with an echo, it contains a story of heartbreak and disappointment. They then sang the familiar disney song “Reflection” by Matthew Wilder,“Shiru” a song in hebrew by Allan E Naplan, and “Do You Believe in Magic” by John Sebastian.

The kantori, girls only choir, began with the beautiful “Let Me In” by Kurt Bestor. They also performed “How far I’ll Go” by Lin Manuel Miranda. The familiar disney song became more complex with the combination of different vocal ranges. It added a fun atmosphere to the overall concert. Followed by “Adiemus” by Karl Jenkins, “Just the Way You Are/Just a Dream” an arrangement by Boyer, Bram and Sharon, and “Bring Me a Little Water” by Huddie W. Ledbetter. This song was lovely with the many female voices but it was also made dynamic and exciting with the added combination of their rhythmic clapping and stomping. They then finished with “Ad Astra” by Jacob Narverud. 

A Cappella, a choir with both male and female singers, performed “Why We Sing” by Greg Gilpin, “Evermore'' by Alan Menkin, “Nelly Bly'' by Stephen Foster, “I’m a Believer” by Neil Diamond, and “The Argument” by Francis J. Nesta, a humorous song full of back and forth quips between the female singers and the male ones. They truly showed how “music is a language that can speak to one and all” in the emotion and joy put into the songs. 

Then the madrigal choir made their appearance, girls arm in arm with the boys as they marched down the rows and onto the stage. The song “I’ll Say it Anyway” by Pierr Certon spun around the audience as it drifted through the air. Once onstage, they sang “May it Be” by Bhraonain, N. Ryan and R. Ryan, a beautiful song that when using combined voices becomes an overwhelming piece that sweeps up the listener. They also sang “Anthem” by Anderson, Rice and Ulavaeus and “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” by Peter Lutkin. They performed “Plenty Good Room” by Kirby Shaw, a song that  includes many solos that individual madrigal members sung. The solos were all impressive, demonstrating the talents of the students. 

The concert was an incredible success and showed the amazing talents of Cedar High’s students. Although the director appologized for the length of the concert, the audience did not seem to mind as they cheered after every song.